Common Accidents with Babies and how to prevent them

Babies are prone to injury from the moment they’re are born. As soon as they are able to crawl, walk and run, their main objective is to explore their surroundings by touching, pulling, tasting and grabbing everything within reach. It is the duty of the parent or guardian to avoid them getting hurt, this lays importance on the necessity of childproofing your home.

Childproofing means removing everything that could cause harm to the child. Such precautions include plugging any exposed wall sockets, put latches on all accessible drawers and cupboards, install gates at the top and bottom of all staircases. Most importantly, never leave your infant unattended to when they are awake.

Children within the age range of 0-6 months are also likely to face some accidents because of improperly installed car seats. If these children aren’t strapped into their seats properly, it could be fatal. Another common incident that happens to infants within this age range is suffocation, they might experience suffocation under pillows, stuffed animals or blankets, to prevent the danger of suffocation endeavour to keep their cot clear of toys and consider using an infant sleeping bag instead of blankets to keep your baby warm when asleep.

Toddlers are most likely to fall from changing tables and high seats, so it is necessary to never leave a baby unattended. Avoid letting the child get scalds from hot water, reduce the temperature on the thermostat to prevent this from happening and always make sure to check their water temperature.

Children between six months and one year are highly likely to experience falls from high chairs or slip-on their toys while learning to walk. These falls might result in scratches, cuts, sprains and fractures.

A child’s favourite place to put any object is in their mouth, as a result, they might choke on toys and smaller things such as batteries, marbles etc. It’s important to ensure these objects are completely out of sight and reach.

Some items can get stuck in their ears or nostrils, if this happens, don’t attempt to remove it yourself as you might push them further, in rather go straight to the doctor.

Children can also get cuts from sharp edges and corners of furniture, walls, toys and broken objects. Burns and scalds from beverages are also prevalent, as well as electric burns from wall sockets or exposed wiring. In some cases, they can be strangled as they try to manipulate strings, necklaces, drawstrings of clothes, keep these out of the child’s reach.

This is not meant to scare you, fear should not be seen around children. It is meant to inform you, so you are aware of all the possible dangers and can be proactive towards preventing them. These are accidents that are toddlers are highly prone to, accompanied by their given solutions. As a parent or guardian, it is necessary to never leave your infant out of sight, create a safe space for the child to play or move around and also make sure your home is childproof. Childproofing ensures that your house is baby-friendly so that your child can learn and grow in an atmosphere that is both safe and fun!

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