Daycare for Infants and Toddlers

Daycare which is also known as childcare is non-parental care in a child’s home or a caretaker’s home, and it is usually a centre that nurtures children and learning opportunities in order to complement what is already provided at home.

Daycare has become a necessity in this modern age, for many reasons, with the most prominent being that both parents are working, and even single parents in most cases, are unable to work and nurse a child at the same time.

Putting up a child in a daycare facility requires serious consideration. You need to be assured that the one you choose will ensure your child’s safety and also puts your own mind at rest. The daycare of your choice should provide a reliable and efficient social, economic and academic benefit for the child and the parents.

Studies have shown that children from 6 months to 4 years benefit from the daycare environment. At the daycare, the children have a schedule which is full of activities that teach quality instruction, structure and social lessons, highlighted in songs and storytelling.

These activities are created to satisfy the parents might be worried about their child being erratic because of a lack of structured time for eating, playing and napping. Studies have found out that children who are enrolled in high-quality daycares tend to have higher cognitive and academic scores as they grow older. Quality daycares are facilities that provide extensive interaction with care providers, support and cognitive-boosting activities.

Kids get to spend time with their peers while at the daycare, during this period they learn how to problem-solve, share, play and learn with each other in a supervised, structured and safe environment while their minds are still growing and their personalities are still emerging.

It also serves as an avenue to allow the children to learn about adults. When children are young they learn about adults mostly from their parents and members of their families. The daycare enables the children to view other adults as mentors, role models etc. It is the role of adult care providers to respond to the children’s call, they show encouragement, display a positive attitude and discourage negative interactions in the daycare environment.

Another great benefit of enrolling your child in quality daycare facility is that they find it easier to adjust to formal schooling.

Daycare is also an added benefit to the parents, as they can gain what is known as “social capital” which simply means that parents interacting with other parents helps them to make new friends which also extends into being assured of the legitimacy of the daycare, and improving the social life of that busy parent

Further studies have discovered that women who are financially able to stay at home, return to work for the sake of their mental health, this is best for the baby as most women who do not work might suffer from depression which might harm the child.

Each parent needs to asses their capacity at this stage and determine a placement that is best for both child and parent. Are you able to dedicate to being a full-time mom, or would you rather work and place your child in a quality daycare facility? Both moms are great moms.

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