Life as a Parent

As a new parent you might have no idea what you are doing exactly, this article is written just for you. Let’s talk about all the new experiences and concerns you might be having. Be sure to embrace the process of this new journey.

First of all, after the birth of your baby be open to receiving as much help as you can, receiving help might be overwhelming but it does help you to also take time to care for yourself and body.

While at the hospital, talk to the experts around this is helpful as they would refer nutrition specialists to you who can help you get started on nursing or bottle-feeding. Nurses are a great help to show you how to hold, burp, change and care for the baby.

One can also employ the use of an in-home help i.e. baby nurse who can help for the short time after childbirth. Relatives and friends are not left out to, most of them voluntarily offer to help, don’t refuse them, however, you might have to place some boundaries to limit constant visitations.

Hygiene is extremely important when taking care of a newborn. Frequent hand washing or use of hand sanitizer should be compulsory before handling the baby. Babies are extremely fragile so when holding the child support the head and neck. Avoid shaking the baby vigorously as it can result in a brain bleed and even death. Ensure that the baby is secured in a carrier, stroller or car seat, activities that involve bouncing or rough play isn’t advised- the baby isn’t ready yet.

As a parent, make sure to bond with your child. This bonding is important and makes up for the first hours and days after the birth of the child when the parents make a deep connection with the infant. Physical closeness promotes emotional connection.

Babies love vocal sounds such as talking, singing, babbling and cooing, they also love to hear music. So if they’re being fussy, try to sing or recite poetry and nursery rhymes or read aloud as you sway or rock your baby gently in a chair.

Read books and watch videos on how to change diapers, create a food pattern and bathing basics for your infant.

In conclusion, you’re not expected to know everything, winging it is totally allowed. The mistakes are a part of the journey of your new life as a parent.

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