You need to have these tools when you’re pregnant

As an expecting mother or a new mother, there are necessary tools and gears you need to guide you through your pregnancy, these tools enable you to be in control and up to date on your body and it’s changes.

Being geared up during pregnancy helps to make the nine months easier, no matter the kind of pregnancy you have.

Always take your vitamins

During the preconception or first trimester, it is necessary that as a pregnant mom, you take prenatal vitamins. Most importantly, prenatal vitamins that contain folic acid even before you conceive and take it throughout the pregnancy. It has been professionally suggested that women should take multivitamins with 400 micrograms of folic acid every day before pregnancy and during early pregnancy as part of a healthy diet.

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It is also important to be armed with a book on pregnancy or several good books, as it is necessary to have a viable source on what is normal and what isn’t during pregnancy.

Get a good moisturizer

It’s advisable to get a moisturizer as many pregnant women complain more on dry, itchy skin.

Maternity belt

For the second trimester, one can get a belt, this is a thick elastic strap that goes under the stomach for extra support, it can help to prevent or alleviate some pregnancy-related back pain.

Comfortable shoes are highly required

The purchase of comfortable shoes is also encouraged. High heels, although fashionable isn’t good for pregnancy. The main problem with high heels is that you are most likely to fall and that can have devastating consequences during pregnancy.

Get New bras

During pregnancy, the breast increases at least one cup in size so it’s needed to go bra shopping. The breast also increases an additional cup size when you breastfeed.

Comfortable and loose-fitting maternity clothes are also important during pregnancy.

happy pregnant african woman reading book at home

pregnancy and leisure concept – smiling pregnant african american woman reading book in bed at home

Good pillows

The availability of pillows is good for pregnancy, several women have found that adding extra pillows to their beds makes them more comfortable.


This is a common defect during pregnancy, it causes additional discomfort. It is medically advisable to take Antacids but make sure to consult your doctor before consuming any medication.

Other important stuff

When in the third trimester, now is the time to get a car seat, a crib, diaper and wipes, bottle pumps, and layette. Some expecting moms don’t believe in buying anything till their baby is born but getting a car seat is a great investment as you get closer to your due date, also buying a crib for the baby to sleep.

The purchase of layette or newborn clothing is advisable ahead of time, the layette consists of blankets, burp cloths, hats, bibs, socks, and towels etc.

Bottles and Pumps are also needed if you are going to breastfeed.

These are the necessary tools and gears needed to have by all expecting mothers to guide them and help delivery easier.

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